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story" is next. and check us out 24 hours a day on aljazeera.com. ♪ from washington. hello, i'm libby casey. it's gone on and on, and shows no clear end the war in syria between president bashar al-assad forces and a myriad of rebel groups and islamist fight whose want to see him out of power. there are talks while offering small help to rebels. many are expressing frustration over the situation on the ground, and they have their own political objective. as refugees suffer and the conflict grinds on where do we go from here? first this background. secretary of state john kerry is again this week working with middle east allies to keep attention on the syrian crisis. arriving in saudi arabia over the weekend chief ambassador was helping the relationship between the two countries. >> i particularly wanted to have the opportunity to visit with his majesty the king of saudi arabia, and i'm particularly grateful because i know that he is not seeing enormous numbers of people these days, but right now we have very important things to talk about to make certain that the saudi arabian
i think there needs to be more awareness of how medical cannibalis is used and the neighborhoods. it's really limited. but my hope is that the committee could have time to look at this carefully, with stake hold groups raising awareness and raising awareness of medical cannibalis, and not just the health qualities of medical cannibalis. that's my concern. and it's important to give our planning department and commission enough time. i hope that the medical cannibalis task force is involved in this as well. i think there is lumping of medical marijuana with liquors and gambling as well. and it could lead to less understanding than more, i hope that you consider this as it moves forward. >> supervisor campos. >> thank you, i want to thank the supervisor and his staff and all the work in this item. and i know that all the members of the community, not just from this district, but other parts of the city. from within the cannibalis community that have opined this. i will be supporting item 23, and item 24. i do want to note that, i think there are differences between these two items.
for being with us. i'm joie chen. one of the best names in the treatment of dementia patients sits in a bigger debate, pharmaceutical companies, prescriptions and how doctors choose the medication they provide. johnson and johnson m settled about the government from 2002 to 2003 there was an off-labor use of the drug not approved by the fda. it has been since approved for dementia and young patients as well. and it has been an enormously successful product. it had $24.2 billion from 2002 to 2010, but it was the off-label period that raised alarm. the marketing effort including compensation to doctors amounted to reckless endangerment of patients young and old. >> the kick packs undermines adjustment of healthcare providers. it provides incentive to increase the use of drugs potentially putting the health of some patients at risk. the companies put down the risk of risperdol. put simply the alleged conduct is shameful and it is unacceptable. it displayed a reckless indifference to the safety of the american people, and it instituted a clear abuse of the public trust. >> joining us i
back. >> thank you for this report. i like the service availability map. i think it's going to help us inform the previous process that we were just talking about. i would like to hope that we could particularly emphasize that there has been efforts to deliberately provide service to places where it's most needed for people with disabilities and seniors. most people who are out to get us or hate us or forever reason wants us to fail, they'll fail. if i'm a wheelchair for a quarter of a mile, that's fine for you but not someone with a walker. it's important that we articulate that we say we're trying to deliver this service to four people with disabilities and we're addressing this concern as well. this is fantastic. thank you. >> thank you mr. flynn. we have a resolution. is there a motion on that? >> mr. chairman, the person who did want to address you have left but it appropriate to see if we have anyone. >> we have a resolution before you. is there a motion. >> second. >> all in favor say i. >> i. >> thank you very much. >> next item. >> it would be appropriate for you to ha
in the middle east. >>> this is free solo climbing or scaling a mountain without a rope. to us non-climbers, the best free soloist in the world will tell us what it's like to climb a mountain with nothing but your bear hands and chalk. welcome to "consider this." new jersey governor chris christie with an historic win in a big blue state. and in virginia agency race it was a suspenseful night with a race between a democrat and a conservative republican. it's where tea partyers got top billing. we'll take a sneak peek of staying power tha , and the seismic shift to the left. i'm joined which jeff warren, and bill snyder, professor at george washington university. they're both in our washington, d.c. studios, and here in studio with me is tom doherty, former senior adviser to george pataki. bill, let's start with you. chris christie, a big win. but when you look at the exit polls in a hypothetical match up to hillary clinton he would lose in his own state. >> it tells us that new jersey is still a blue state, and hillary clinton is still a very popular figure there. look, christie wo
it to your attention, a lot of us here today work for the administration in this building which is actually is a pump station still in use that uses diesel pumps to pump the water from the ocean so it's not just a fire house, it's also us being exposed to diesel exhaust, and so with you mentioned this gal, rachel, is she the person who's not here today, or when you were talking about the air quality, having your air quality tested, and the odd thing is now a different agency runs and maintains these pumps that are right beneath us now so it gets kind of complicated, but i think i've been exposed, i worked at the airport for 11 years and then worked here, i have this exposure to diesel smell that you don't notice it here, i do notice it frequently, and so when you mention this gal rachel. >> so, just before this, we had a meeting because we're working on hopefully building a study to look at exposures among women in the fire course to understand what they're exposed to, this raises a really interesting kind of unique sub population within that, she is an environmental health scientist and ha
. since the us secretary of state street to riyadh to reassure the saudis to their historic relations with washington are intact. we do it and that's the message bible in jerusalem on wednesday. is there a rainy and it was part of the west will be asking to be asked and gets his due date. let's start the other in the new store and say hello once again. thanks ross but let's take a look at the headlines we are covering up taking the unusual. we start with a minute's silence is false but that's either of these great yet but it's the french national assembly that last a tragic returned from physical things of eugenics. but today molly are broke back to paris. just know that it will take three of the unthinking create a ripple of self doubt when she won the gold bikini is still the democratic republic of congo the end of twenty three see's the rebellion inside a tunnel and see the gold through political means still talking about tolkien you and the arab league peace envoy elect governing insists no day to get sick much delay geneva to the syrian peace talks. as raffles and his regime cont
tensions between germany and the uk over spying allegations were all really make use of one of them breaching international law by using its embassy and the surveillance post. and in reaching for the start of the light the torch for the winter games in sochi prepares for a lace top and a first ever spacewalk. a report from the lawn sign the my maths hundred accounts he welcomed the program. how the ethos nine tip on a global field this year activists to more than four hundred cities around the world. turnout for the million man march to show their anger and iraq politicians corporate rule the state surveillance in london the ninth was marred by a bonfire scuffles and iran's crown started flying nearby camp ellis and long parliament when he's here for us was there the eye the they had a lot of it one of the aisle. the devil the act. they are. they are and. indeed it is not painted. the good things that need from the path that the father that weapon of freight traffic in the mall right now blogged about not caring that you have nothing can gooping that it will bomb iran. i know. i am
. >> attorney general thornberg, we all recognize that the u.s. is the gold standard on disability rights. if we're at the gold standard, i mean, i certainly understand why it's in our best interest to have other countries obligate themselves to meet our gold standard, but i don't get why we should be ratifying a treaty that obligates us to do things that are still open to or subject to interpretation. that's my concern. i think that's the core concern of those that may not be supportive of the treaty currently. can you explain that to me? >> i think so. the basic gap in understanding is what the consequences of ruds are. the treaty that's adopted includes the reservations in understandings and deck collar rations that accompany it. when we say we're not going to do something that we specified we do not include within the am bit of the treaty amended by ruds, it doesn't mean we flout convention, but that we implement it with the ruds in mind, and that's true not only of what the united states does, but other countries -- >> if we're the gold standard, what do we have to interpret in implementing
preliminary data un verified so we are going to be getting a lot of data about the way the system is used and so we will be analyzing that ourselves and very soon we'll put the data out in the public realm and have the private people analyze that so hold onto that question and we'll see more in months to come. >> so i went over that particular chart. we've seen over 50 thousand rides so far over the last several months 2 and a half trips per day per bike we track ridership in washington, d.c. which before new york city launched this summer with 6000 bikes capital bike share was the biggest bike share system in the united states and the longest running big one and in many ways very analogo u.s. to san francisco and we're seeing 1.9 trips per day per bike so we've exceeded performance in the dc system and another interesting fact total mileage ridden estimated using average trip length almost five times around the earth. >> excuse me, just in terms of experience so far with availability at stations -- i know you don't want it to be empty so in terms of redistribution and overall management
-winning singer al jarreau. he has used his exceptional ground. find common we are glad you joined us. a conversation with al jarreau coming up. ♪ >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. hiss: al jarreau earned first grammy. he stays on to her. -- on tour. you are never in town long enough for a conversation. debuted, al jarreau was our guest on the first night. it is all because of you that i am here. have nothing to going on. i just love talking to you. >> i just mentioned tavis is a friend of al jarreau. tavis: i want to hear some al jarreau. let's take a clip of al jarreau on to her. -- on tour. ♪ [portuguese singing] i still don't know if have it, but you've still got it. >> you definitely have it. you, tavissaying to for president. wish it uponif i you these days. trying to shut the government down, i don't want no part in that. you are always on the road. you are always in some strange part of the world. you're not tired of all this traveling? >> that part of everyday. everyday is thanks giving for me. i still have an audience, and they
to defy his own party to some extent but it didn't occur to us to think these poor people. i also believe this was not stimulated by the politicians. this is genuine public anger. >> and appointed fairness the house republicans leadership step up and john boehner, eric cantor, paul ryan. >> they replace their negotiator >> they had no negotiator. >> yes they did. >> they still had a majority voting against them. >> understand but let's give credit where it is due. >> in my experience when the house leadership republican house leadership cares they do better than the minority of their own party. >> i have serious reservations about that characterization. i think a lot of people went to the floor on that monday and voted no because they thought the leadership have the votes to pass the bill. they couldn't gather -- gavel back in. i think that was true of both sides. >> not so much on your side. nobody ever casts political votes on your side. >> on this one judd wait a second. it's about politicians and politics and i know that may upset some people because we are only supposed to these talk
this morning instead of visiting us, so we have plenty of folks from the breast cancer fund and other groups on hand to answer questions, but we are missing our policy geru unfortunately, i don't know how much this audience is familiar with it but we've also been meeting and talking about doing a study of exposures among women firefighters in particular, and so we have some members of that team talking about that here, sharl patton is back there, give a wave, and did rachel step out already? and rachel thought she was going to give a wave but she had to step out to go to another meeting, from the breast cancer fund, we have my two science leaders, [inaudible] and janet gray, so science questions galor, they can handle them all, policy questions, we'll have to deflect some of those to nancy for another time, so what i'm going to present today is what we call our healthy home and healthy world tours, i'll talk a little bit about who the breast cancer fund is and then we're going to walk through kind of the rooms in your home talking about tips for avoiding exposures that are linked to breast c
techno is neglect. they're talking about bulletproof classrooms. stay with us. >> low-end welcome. i'm phil torrez here to talk about innovations that can change lives. we're going to explore the intersection of hardware and humanity . lindsay moran is a former cia agent, kyle hill is an engineer, tonight he's got the dirtiest job and the science that can revolutionize indians's dairy farms. michelle nixon, and i'm phil tors. that' torrez and let's do some science. >> we are back for another exciting show and lindsay you can start us off. this is important to you as a mother. >> i did a story on ballistic backpacks and bulletproof backpacks. one being a former cia officer who thinks any layer of added security is good and one as a mom in do i really want to give my kids the idea that this kind of technology is going to keep them safe? let's have a look. >> as a former cia agent i learned how to shoot a variety of guns. so when techknow asked me to cover a story about the trend in bulletproof back to school supplies, it intrigued me. as a former operative and as a mom. back to scho
democrat to man for twenty four yet assessed us that as a child to rate the parties' across several key states. your eyes tell can you play any case it says says he believes an agreement is possible this week. the vatican asked catholics everywhere for their opinions on major social topics that warns don't expect a rapid change of position the us state is sending to the polls in the first major round in action since preston track obama was returned to the white house announced yet the new york democrat was elected this man for the first time since nineteen eighteen ninety. though the dusty and cruised to victory in a one of the most liberal political platforms in us. it included tax rises for the wealthy. the new jesse's the man tipped to be a possible republican presidential candidate in twenty sixteen chris christie was the city re elected as governor. already a puppy that figo often astounding as the price is off to see if the stillness and eight christy sort of role political appeal distancing himself from the extremes of the conservative tea party movements. and isn't in yet democr
. it is going to cheat and joined the protest is in the us capital. washington has been in protest groups marching under the umbrella going on as a participant in the protest what they see is that we say it has been in the persecution of the symbolic protest against monsanto the last to get good use of genetically modified seeds and generally speaking they see themselves as a movement against the government and corporations taking advantage of the people. to twist any next to the white house would he want as an obama tuesday we want president obama to hear that five years after the financial crisis the bank's been bailed out we're still suffering people are still struggling with johnny depp. we live in a country that's fundamentally unfair we no longer have the rule of law from the nsa to address noted the chelsea man and all over the world people are speaking out whistleblowers are speaking of regular people are speaking out and saying enough is enough to want just this morning on the model of foreign leaders the people our own communication the company to stop now. some would even say n
and stitch on the new sunday times had on sunday that use the uss athlete and he stopped at the time to time by going ahead with the gun strength which can t keep the lead and talking with them and soon. mrs who had a five min in us down a bounty on his head was canada day before tea cakes was scheduled to be for any team with the ttp leadership on the government's behalf following the attack the ttp called the pakistani government can do to save america and that any negotiations with them attending a minute and then in the howling through town on monday. necessity is the government's result to continue with efforts to buy peace the day. button is from abuse order to bring the sight of it. anwar has learned. we don't overheat she says a source of his citizens. without thinking with all for saving me. this is a hit. the mental side the main street. pj ten politician imran khan told the president that the conduct of a government led by his paci without the need to supply trucks passing through the nonsense din province into what i have had a son from them and they think it's a fantasy xi insti
to preserving all sorts of arts and nightlife and theatre uses in the city. i know that i and others on this board have worked very hard to try to foster an atmosphere in the city where various kinds of arts and nighttime uses are valid because sometimes they haven't be very valid in the city. so it's in incredibly important and we agree on that. i think we've also seen today that as is always the case in san francisco that we are deeply passionate about our naebts -- neighborhoods for those who have lived in our neighborhood for a long time and for those who have arrived more recently, we love these neighborhoods and work hard to improve them and to make sure they remain the special places that they are. this neighborhood is no different. it is a mission liberty hill. this is an absolutely wonderful area. and it's not surprising to me that there are so many people who are passionate about the neighborhood. with all that said. this appeal before us today is a ceqa appeal. the not a discretionary review. when you have discretionary review of like thg part of the project and not and m
wonderful jobs and so i hate to us the word taxes by how can we crate of the revenue that the fed's have left us to do. we're in poverty and we need our cities to step up >> thank you, mayor lee. >> (laughter) . well, that first of all, we have is a pretty r06b9 budget and we do - by the way, i think in order to depreciate the kind of revenue we first of all, begin with the basics we have to have a strong business approach to our budget so creating that san francisco in the industry was small business owner something i spent a lot of time. i tackled pension reform and created a trust fund so start paying for the mandatory that would hurt us dead on arrival down the road. so we contact talk about stuff until we've built an san francisco. today we've done all the things that insurance companies and other fails i failures of other cities across the country didn't pay attention to all those mandates we put them into the mix and now we do 2 year budgeting and we've got 4 reserve accounts for the city. now that we've done that companies can come in and say i'll pay for that i mean, why what
and i want to thank supervisor scott wiener for joining us and supervisor mar and avalos will join us in a while. i want to thank victor young and the sfgtv covering this. mr. clerk do we have announcements. >> yes. >> be silent. and phones and electronic devices. completed speaker cards should be submitted to the clerk. itemed acted upon today will be on the agenda unless otherwise stated. >> okay. so we have one relatively longer hearing and we have a number of items before that, so we'll get going with the hearing and the resolution that i sponsors. clerk, call item number one and 1. >> item number 1 hearing to focus on the overall trends in hospital pricing, the rationale from the hospitals for the setting of these prices, how hospital prices are affecting our governmental accounting standards board unfunded healthcare liability, overall healthcare costs, and how the pricing seems to disproportionately affect the uninsured and underinsured. >> item number 1 hearing to focus on the overall trends in hospital pricing, the rationale from the hospitals for the setting of these
to their stores. >>> israeli settlements on palestinian land are illegitimate. john kerry also announced the u.s. is sending another 75 million in aid. >> let me emphasize at this point that the position of the united states of america on settlement s is that we consider now and have always considered the settlements to be illegitimate, and i want to make it extremely clear that at no time did the palestinians in any way agree as a matter of going back to the talks that they somehow condone or accept the settlements. >> speaking with kerry in jerusalem, benjamin netenyahu said he is worried the palestinians aren't committed to peace. >> i am concerned about the progress, because they say the palestinians continue with incitement, continuing to create artificial crises, continuing to avoid and run away from the historic decisions that are needed to make a genuine peace. i hope your visit can help stare them back to a place where we can achieve the historical peace that we seek and our people deserve. >> hamas won't be included in peace talks. deputy minister of foreign affairs for hamas says any
part of my signature. just like our thumbprt makes us different from anyone in the world, you said we have a .humbprint on our throat your voice is distinctive in the world, and you have to give some volume to your voice. that was the most deeply philosophical thing i have heard. anyone who hears your voice in the middle of the night knows that is tavis smiley. they would know your voice .ecause of the textures >> you discovered this when you were five years old, but how did you become proficient. did you become so versatile in so many different genres? >> it's all listening and exposure. that's why it's so important to expose your kids do many different things. i can sing some poll codes. don't get me started. lkas.me po don't get me started. i'm proud of that. i watched elvis restfully become. -- elvis presley becom become.d chuck berry i listened to doo-wop before it was called doo-wop. ♪ i did that in the airport. we took victors and started singing in an international airport. photos and started singing in an international airport. >> you were singing a cappella? >> our familie
morning when when when when when when. the rta that election day twenty thirty hear us from new york city to miami beach unconventional candidates are shaking up the usual red vs blue politics in depth coverage of today's elections. just ahead and in washington state there's a major vote on labeling gmo foods. this initiative passes it would force biotech manufacturers to disclose the use of genetically modified crops more on a boat for greater transparency coming up. not in colorado there's an initiative to divide the state's eleven counties in northeast colorado will vote on whether or not to secede. so were the chances of a fifty first state to play more later in the show i am. it's tuesday but work with five pm in washington dc and said saxon you're watching our tea. then we began with election day twenty thirty. that's right political junkies around the country can rejoice because big name elections are just reserved for even numbered years. they happen on aud never yours too. so let's take a look at the map the new jersey and in virginia voters head to the polls to elect a
of u.s. electricity generation based on 2012 figures. renewable makes up about 12% of our electricity, nuclear 19%, natural gas 30%, and coal about 37%. and then of course we've all heard the stories about production in the united states. here's one from reuters that came out the beginning of october. then the "wall street journal" had a similar story about the united states overtaking russia. and they had this chart in their paper recently. take a look at where it's been and where it's going. claire mor, oklahoma, caller: thank you for c-span and thank you for taking my call. my comment is i believe we need a lot more solar focus. host: why is that? caller: well, although i'm a chemical engineer and i make my living and livelyhood in the petroleum and chemical industry, just for several reasons. ing out the fact that -- host: sir what do you do in claire more? caller: i'm a chemical engineer. host: for what company? caller: for a consulting, engineering consulting. host: where is clairemore, oklahoma? guest: just north of tulsa. host: we're focusing on cushing. are you familiar with
clothes in flames yesterday afternoon. oakland police used surveillance images and witness interviews to catch the suspect. brian webb tried to get an answer from the teenager. >> tell us why you did it, sir, tell us. why would you do something like that? >> he said nothing. 18-year-old is being treated for second and third degree burns on his legs. >>> thousands couldn't wait to hit the jackpot or give it a good try. they went into the casino during its grand opening at 9:00 a.m. sharp. look at this crowd. the parking lot was full in no time. lines were long and slow that one feisty woman couldn't wait. not getting in line. she forced her way past security to get in and she did not get away with it. a great is west of highway 101. we heard a lot about this place the last few days. joe vasquez asked how do they treat the people who work for them. joe. >> reporter: casino management has been bragging about 2,000 new jobs that they created here. a lot of people out here in this area have had questions. what kind of jobs are these going to be? are they minimum wage or could you make a
. >> richard, thank you so much for being here. that does it for us today. join us tomorrow. right now it's time for "squawk on the street." ♪ one day more >> we are one day away from twitter's debut. welcome to "squawk on the street." i'm carl quintanilla with jim cramer and david faber at the new york stock exchange. futures have a decent tone, despite some stocks that will struggle at the open, like abercrombie, like tesla. and europe got a boost from a blowout number out of manufacturing out of germany this morning. twitter set to price tonight, begin trading tomorrow. right behind us here at post nine. >> tesla shares, they're skidding today after vehicles delivered missed expectations. earnings and revenues did come in ahead of consensus. >> abercrombie and finch posting a seventh consecutive quarterly drop in guidance. >> our guest says he knows who the next microsoft ceo will be. >> and twitter will expect it sell 70 million shares between $23 and $25 each. tune in tomorrow for our special coverage of the wall street debut on twitter. it is above the fold today for "usa today,"
and fifty nine inquiry have increased use no efforts to identify the teenager her failings the ideas never taken the un presented step of releasing her photograph in the hope to someone and there was information were taken just today in accordance with the high court judge in the sky to be sure to force the child and all. somebody help me cook us a child northeast china has any knowledge of his own. that would make contact us the idea but he i good at his age fourtn or fifteen and from europe. she speaks broken english but has gone pictures for officers and health care workers detectives believe her clothes were bold in our names. the herat store spaces fess up and dedication to incident room and a repeating to anyone who may recognize this young girl to contact them. they sing any information they receive will be present in the strictest of confidence. this is about the welfare of a child's room fourteen fifteen year old child would ask people to call an assist as the younger of remains in the care of the hate and see. as investigations continue. she may cause the fourteen news dump them.
us that we need to invest first in the core and in the state of good repair. we have a lot of needs and there's a lot of expansion going on in the city and county and i know one of the mayors charges to us as a group is to meet that demand but we do find in looking at the data and hearing from the experts both planning and transportation experts that we need to invest in what we have now because the bottom is crumbling under us. and so i would -- the biggest take away from learning about transportation and the needs in san francisco, i think is that we need to invest in the core before we enhance and expand our system. bart as you know is near its capacity. they have 400,000 riders now, expecting 500,000 in the next few years. at 750 now, they'll be well over capacity and they're projecting up to a million passengers by 2026. so there's a lot of improvement that is required by bart as well. bicyclist and pedestrian safety, i know that this agency has done a lot in the number of years, starting to roll out the strategy and the plans for bicycle and pedestrian safety. the mayor
justice would advocate for an increased use or implementation of pretrial services at the local level and some on this panel will speak with more detail on that. >> let me ask miss dewint that you are obviously part of the bail association and the president of the organization, you have decades of experience. critics have argued that your association and other associations like it use their influence by way of lobbying to protect the groups financial interest. i'm wondering if you can respond to that and perhaps give us an idea what kind of lobbying your organization does? >> thank you. first of all let me thank jeff and the san francisco public defenders office for this 10th year of the justice submit summit. thank you and i don't have a prepared speech. i do want to address some of these misconceptions. there is a bail reform and we are part of the reform. we are proud to say that we are part of our regulatory agency with the department of insurance to reestablish the industry. but alongside of that we are not a one size fits all industry. there is a place for the criminal justice
could he be right again this time? adam: cash crunch at the u.s. post office, we know money is tight, but how bad are things today? we will ask the man in charge. postmaster general and ceo of the u.s. postal service joins us in an interview you will only see here on fox business. lori: it is a basketball court, no, a soccer field? an up close look at state-of-the-art stadium and big bucks behind stores, sports arenas all across the country. adam: we are seeing some solid gains on wall street, are we getting some moment, with what is happening tomorrow with twitter? nicole: that stadium looks cool. the stock market looks pretty good. we are waiting on twitter. the dow jones industrials up 97 points at the moment up more than a half of 1%. as we hit new record all-time highs. right now down, tech heavy nasdaq down and the s&p 500-1767, a gain of one quarter of 1%. the momentum remains to the upside. tomorrow we are hearing a lot of momentum. i don't want to miss it, talk about it. 4.5%, $179 per share even now. it really is a standout as far as retailers. abercrombie and fitc
) >> and our last but not least is a young lady. (clapping) is a tenth grader of the boys and girls club i used to work there back in 1995 and she wasn't there. in her 8 years of attending the clubhouse she's completed over 6 hundred and 32 hours of community service (clapping) working on projects if a that immigrant workers she's traveled to go africa thank you so much for your contributions (clapping) >> yeah. >> so once again, we want to thank all our letters throughout their lives and people hope they continue to be the leader for california and the rest of the nation. >> (clapping) >> (speaking spanish.) >> so we would like to thank supervisor avalos and all the participants. please feel free to take a seat. we're going to go ahead and conclude the reception is following but wild to emphasize we appreciate here in the city and county of san francisco all the latinos that are out there working day in and out. i want to honor the folks who have clean up the places that workday in and out to sustain the city silently at times but we have roots here in this state. we fray many, many gene
league against us. yet as i quickly did a series of explosions that little bug. what all the incidents the superstars of allies and hip hop the best of all students in twenty ten when was the right to strike at a cost of therapy that is above the bike barn red. joining us for the stoplight on cctv new sign edwin are vacating cuban foreign minister bruno rodriguez potty about his official visit to china began with this is down with his chinese counterparts the foreign minister long the one you says financial relations have reached a new level. china would like to work with cuba to push comprehensive cooperation between china and other latin american countries. last tuesday the united nations general assembly adopted a resolution that in the united states to end its long running embargo against cuba the resolution was approved by the one hundred and ninety three nation assembly which one hundred and ici votes in favor. this is the twenty second year in a row that the un has adopted such a resolution condemning the us embargo on cuba. the chinese from industries said china would always s
bard as the first ever heard of commerce. twitter could use information about users's location and interest to offer products ordeals. the big leap will come whenç twitter allows users to link a credit card to their account for one click purchases within twitter. you can say buy a pizza from papa johns or donate to the red cross. this would allow hotels to offer empty rooms and concerts to sell tickets and restaurants to sale tables. >> advertisers could make it easier for people to chance act. that could be another one. that e again, needs a larger base and i think, you know, that needs to be developed. >> this would be a stream line version of twitter and the sink partnership that links credit cards to profiles. twitter could also partner with companies like ebay, etsy or amazon to link accounts without inputting new credit card information. commerce isn't the only way we expect twitter to branch out the the ease i way to ramp up revenue is overseas. 3/4ths of the traffic was international but generated a third of the company's revenue. >> the biggest opportunity right now
seoul and it's an uncommon thing so much for joining us we begin with president aachen is the safety data for official state visit to england where she wasted no time in boosting economic and diplomatic relations. this followed a royal welcome from the evening before where she received the pomp and pageantry of the british royal family the presidential office correspondence lessons to reports from london president says announce the time to take it over yet britain partnership to the higher level by further broadening economic cooperation speaking at the first meeting that the minister level joint economic retreat committee and that every effort to global ceo forum wednesday morning. president that the emphasis on the creative economy calling it a new attention to strengthening economic ties. the president aid korea and britain should carry out the first to realize a creative economy in various fields of hopeful content new digital industries and buy new industries to build what she called it new globally competitive model for growth president also stressed that korean and british com
scientific technology, we get all excited about it, we think it will answer problems for us. we start to implement it, and we hurt people. i want us to have the ethical wisdom right now to not rush to judgment about neuroscience. >> reporter: raine has been studying the connection between the brain and violence in children and adults for 35 years. he says his research shows that the brains of psychopaths have a deficiency in the part that governs feelings of remorse and empathy for the victims. >> what we see in psychopaths who are very fearless individuals and who create a lot of harm to society is that they have a reduction in a part of the brain called the amygdala, the part of the brain that's very much involved in moral decision-making, in empathy, in conscience, feeling remorse, feeling guilt, which is one of the reasons they do such terrible things. >> you'll be shown a series of scenarios. you should immediately respond to the question by pressing the yes or no button. >> you take normal people. and if you give them a moral dilemma like would you kill one person to save five l
.m. to 10:30 a.m. in the presidio edge who wants to join us. the children's fund and public education enrichment you fund b will soon expire. mar ed lee and i are asking for the shaping of the events. we want to know what it will take for our children and youth are there smarter efficient ways that can together help our kids to success. please coupling come to one of the meetings. we have available this evening this flier i'll show to everyone that lists all the dates and the dates i'm about to read are on www daughter uc sf c we'll be in the western edition in the fillmore from 530 to 8:30 and it will be for the western fillmore community at the african-american cult conflicts only fulton street. we'll be meeting for the sunset richmond neighborhood 55 concourse drive in the golden gate park at the bay view ymca lane street in san francisco for the china attain northern beach community are on october 12th on 950 clay street and for the other november 14th at the elementary school school in san francisco. in terms of a pointed of privilege thank you to all ask the and administrators a
million question. do these planets that orbit their stars in orbits that remind us of the earth, the size of the earth, do they actually have liquid water? >> ifill: those are just some of the stories we're covering on tonight's pbs newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: ♪ ♪ moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. >> the william and flora hewlett foundation, working to solve social and environmental problems at home and around the world. >> and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... >> this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> ifill: the white house spent another day on the defensive today about whether it over- promised on its health care plan. president obama said americans would be able to keep their existing insurance, but insurers are canceling thousands of policies. lawmakers from both parties are now complaining about a process they say is at best unclear and at worst seriously
generation and those who come after us. it's my pleasure to introduce assemblywoman nancy skinner (clapping) >> good afternoon distinguished guests officials, elected and others and my constituents. it is a wonderful day and i'll i'm so thrilled to be here. i want to thank mayor brown and, of course, other senators that - and the other officials who figure out so hard to make that a beautiful world-class structure that rivals the golden gate bridge. as a san franciscan native i can say that. i feel like i've come full circle as my father and grandfather we deserve the whole bay as he does the world-class bridge. now we're standing in my colleagues district who is from district 18 and allow me to introduce my other colleagues - apologizes assembly members himself mark levine the tenth district and assemblyman from the 22 district and from the 19 and assembly member from the 25th (clapping) >> now mayor brown made a very i think prospective statement when he talked about the bay area wanted a bridge that expresses the daring the human innut and symbols the splendor of oakland and the ante b
scientific studies. >> but what's wrong with what's currently prescribed in the u.s.? >> well the pain drugs, and i've tried them all. >> yeah. >> acetaminophen, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, ibuprofen. all these things do nothing but just mask the pain. they d't treat the root causes of pain. >> of course they come with lots of dangerous side affects if you use them too long, too. >> t pain always comes back and it always gets worse. and surgery is not mu better. it comes with no guarantees and it can cause infections and blood clots and always requires significant rehabilitation. >> very true. what do you think about all of those natural joint health supplements out there then? >> the problem is that there is very little or no legitimate clinical research showing that these things work all or are even safe to use. to make matters worse, over 90 percent of the most popular agents that are sold in the united states have ingredients from china where there are significant problems with fake, counterfeit, low-quality and contaminated ingredients. >> so then how is supple any different?
contracting, projecting use of network with of doctors. they need to look at all the levers that are available to them. >> julie stone, senio. thank you. >> thank you for having me on. >> 200,000 factory jobs. sounds great, but the next generation of workers are not up to the task. plus the legal marijuana market is producing a new high for investors. weed as a commodity, you bet. we will explain. >> american manufacturers are facing a ticking biological clock of retiring workers and not enough young people properly trained to replace them. one of the conclusions published, finding 80% of the manufacturing workforce between the ages 46 to 65. one-third of manufacturing employees are between 55 and 64, and starting too look towards retirement, and three-quarters of the manufactur manufacturersd say 25% of their workforce is under the age group that the manufacturers need for the future. this comes when manufacturers are already trying to fill 200,000 skilled factory jobs. they're saying there is a brain drain that companies need to take more seriously. we're joined now, paul, how much of this y
you for joining us, dvr the show if you can't catch us live, have a great night. we'll see you right back here tomorrow. lou: the polls have just closed in virginia, to hear some political pundits and savants hold for it, you might think that president obama was on the ballot, he is not, a contest between tea party republican ken cuccinelli, and establishment clinton democrat terry mcauliffe, we'll bring you the votes as they are counted and released. i'm lou dobbs. good evening, the votes are being tallied in virginia, all across the state, the pricincts are reporting as well, strong voter turn out in virginia. the attorney general there and republican gubernatorial candidate, ken cuccinelli has tried to capitalize on voter frustration with the president's obamacare train wreck. as his opponent terry mcauliffe tried to make the race about cuccinelli and his tea party conservative implement the polls have tightened since october 1 launch of obamacare, a race that looked to be a mcauliffe blowout a month ago, we'll bring you the highly anticipated results here momentarily, stay
>> trying to revive israeli palestinian peace talks. >> the u.s. secretary of state is in jeruselem. >> had hhello there. you are watching al jazeera live from doh amp. doha. special report on congolese soldiers after their battle against rebels. >> targeted for their beliefs. we meet syrian christians that have been forced to flee to lebanon. >> and the big apple votes for a mayor for the first time in two decades. >> u.s. secretary of state john kerry is in israel in his latest attempt to revive peace talks. he just met benjamin ne net ne a 00 of he is making clear his belief ther that there there wes in the talking process. john kerry said they would continue to push for agreement and for this the prime minister agreed with him. john kerry apologized for this part of the process and the talks will be as i woul quiet ad closed as possible. and discussion too about iran, prime minister ne aan extended visited by the u.s. secretary of state john kerry an much of him to discuss between him and the israeli prime minister. he will be meeting the palestinian prime minister later on this
've separated the outdoor business in the u.s. and overseas they expect about half of the company's revenue to come from fast growing and nonadvertising revenue. so that's really key maria, that cbs continues to diversify away from reliance on advertising. back over to you. >> thank you very much. joining us is meg green from meg green & associate, peter anderson from congress asset management todd salimoney and our own mandy. >> thanks for having us. >> interesting story today with the decline in the nasdaq even as the dow is hitting all-time highs. do you think that was behind what we've been speculating that some, you know, depocketed fund managers were trying to sell some tech to raise cash to buy twitter? >> sorry. >> that doesn't make any sense to me. >> really. why not? >> i mean, well because they're not going to start -- they might be selling some momentum stocks because they're getting nervous and things are getting pricey but i don't think they'll take that much off the table to buy twitter at least my opinion. >> all right. mandy, were you going to jump
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